Friday, June 19, 2009

Graceful Swing

Swing style
Swing style by Threads featuring Nelda's Vintage Clothing

Photography from the 1940's is inspiring. Toward the late 1940's Dior created the "New Look." Skirts and dresses were more full and these styles are what comes to mind when we think of swing. I love this photo of a woman with her style that seems to take on the character of Dior's "New Look" in the late 1940's. The fabric in this photo is heavy and definitely communicates glamor and wealth.
I wanted to find something that would make this 1940's style more modern and light but stay true to the swing style. This yellow swing dress is actually more 1950's but is definitely part of the "New Look." By adding some of these classic accessories and even perhaps making a statement by wearing a hat we can begin to see some 1940's glamour with a great modern twist.

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  1. I think you should go into clothing design!